How to Transfer Documents on WhatsApp Using iPhone

How do I attach a file on WhatsApp Using iPhone?:Questions like this and many other related ones have been asked by people using WhatsApp on iOS (iPhone).

Unlike on Andriod phones where the procedures are clearly and obviously seen.

iPhone I think they are trying to act as a monopoly with their OS due to the fact they are the only ones using it. They have refused to share their OS with any other smartphone manufacturing company.

iPhone is doing their best to stand out in all aspects ranging from design, OS, customization and all of that.

Because of this, most users who are new to the iPhone brand find most simple tasks difficult to carry out on the iPhone especially those who are used to the Andriod OS.

I wrote an amazing article that will teach you How To Send Photos In WhatsApp And Retain It Original QualityAnd after that, I got some comments from those using iPhone asking me related questions like, How can I send a Word document from my iPhone to WhatsApp? Can I send a Word document via WhatsApp? I am using an iPhone, there is no Attach on WhatsApp.

Well, don’t worry anymore, In this article, I will teach you the easiest way on how to send PDF, Text Document, Word Document, Spreadsheets, Slideshows, etc to any contact on WhatsApp using an iPhone.

7 Ways To Transfer Documents on WhatsApp Using iPhone

1. Launch your WhatsApp Application

2. Open any chat (Contact) you wish to share the document to

3. Look below the chat screen and tap on the + butto

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